Design and
production of
metallic small items


Production of metal turned precision small items starting from drawn bar of different shapes and materials with a diameter from 6 mm to 65 mm or from forged parts. Specific experience acquired during years that allows us to carry out every kind of manufacturing, from the easy to the more complex ones, guaranteeing the required tolerances. Use of high technology machinery and of specialized staff. Special attention to quality check of every phase of the production process. Specific department for the construction of special equipment. Constant maintenance of the machinery.


Our production is thoroughly diversified and our special products are qualified for different industrial fields:

  • - Automotive sector
  • - Industrial valves
  • - Chrome plated valves
  • - Heating apparatus valves
  • - Fittings
  • - Electric and electronic industry
  • - Motorcycles, bicycles
  • - Fixing systems, etc

Products produced to customer’s drawing.


Our certifications:

- UNI EN ISO 9001:2008
- ISO TS 16949:2009